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Zomato CEO’s book recommendations

Mar 26, 2024

Aakanksha Sharma

Book recommendations by Zomato CEO

A few weeks ago, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal shared a post on Instagram with a bunch of books and their numerous copies. He captioned the post ‘Got some good reads for the team to pick up!’. Here are the 10 books recommended by the Zomato CEO.


​’Principles’ by Ray Dalio

‘Principles’ by Ray Dalio is a book about Dalio’s decades of experience and the lessons he learnt from the ups and downs. The book explains actionable principles for success in business and life, and focuses on transparency and thoughtful decision-making.


‘Loonshoots’ by Safi Bahcall

In ‘Loonshots’, author Safi Bahcall gives his insights on developing innovation within groups. Drawing on the science of phase transitions to explain why organisations shift from embracing new ideas to rejecting them, he gives some advice into forming the right business.


​’Creative Selection’ by Ken Kocienda

A book by a man who worked in Apple during the golden ‘Steve Jobs’ years, ‘Creative Selection’ is a look inside Apple’s creative process, revealing the methods behind the company’s groundbreaking products and emphasising the importance of iteration and collaboration.


​’Breath’ by James Nestor

‘Breath’ by James Nestor talks about the science and art of breathing, and the impact it has on health, performance, and well-being. The book also gives practical techniques for improving breathing habits.


​’Only the Paranoid Survive’ by Andrew S Grove

‘Only the Paranoid Survive’ by Andrew S. Grove outlines the strategies required to navigate the volatile landscape of business. The book also suggests that having a mindset of continuous adaptation and vigilance in the face of disruption is the way out of problems.


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‘How the Mighty Fall’ by Jim Collins

‘How the Mighty Fall’ is an examination of the stages of decline that can hamper the growth of successful companies. The book also offers cautionary strategies and insights into the factors that contribute to organisational failure.


​Thinking Backwards’ by Rob Van Haastrecht and Martin Scheepbouwer

‘Thinking Backwards’, much like the title suggests, presents a methodical approach to problem-solving by reversing the typical problem-solving process. The book encourages readers to challenge assumptions and uncover innovative solutions.


‘Do the Hard Things First’ by Scott Allan

‘Do the Hard Things First’ is a book that detours from the thought of ‘complete all the easy things first’. Instead, it advocates for solving the most challenging tasks head-on, prioritising them to maximise productivity and overcome procrastination.


‘Gung HO’ by Kenneth H. Blanchard

‘Gung Ho’ is a book that offers a story based approach to inspiring teamwork and employee engagement. The book focuses on principles of purpose, motivation, and mutual respect in the workplace.


‘The New One Minute Manager’ by Kenneth H. Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

In ‘The New One Minute Manager’, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson give important lessons through a concise, engaging story. Together, they give readers three practical secrets for effective leadership.


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